Schedule your dentist appointment MON–FRI 08:30 – 17:00 by calling 47 33004 or 5349 5386

Paying for the treatment has to be done on the spot with cash or bank card.


Meil kehtivad täiskasvanute hambaravihüvitis, proteesihüvitis ja laste tasuta hambaravi. Lastele visiiditasu ei kohaldata.


Dentista on pikaajaliste kogemustega hambakliinik kes on juba üle kahekümne aasta pakkunud hambaraviteenust Haapsalus, Läänemaal ning kaugemalgi.


Hambaravi, suukirurgia, proteesimine, esteetiline hambaravi, juureravi mikroskoobiga, hambaimplantaadid, laste hambaravi, konsultatsioonid, proteeside parandus, panoraamröntgen, suuhügieenitoodete müük.


Dentista Dental Care Clinic takes care of the beautiful smiles in Haapsalu city, Läänemaa county and elsewhere. Our dental care services include teeth repair with various fillings, root treatment, extraction of teeth, producing and maintaining of prosthesis, teeth whitening, removal of dental calculus, dental x-ray images etc. As dental care should already start at an early age, children are also very welcome to our clinic!

We know how big impact has the right dental treatment and care on oral hygiene. We are more than happy to share the educational information on oral hygiene also with you. For a professional dental care consultation, sign up for an appointment at our clinic. If you are visiting us for the first time, the dentist evaluates the current condition of your teeth and determines a short- or a long-term dental health care plan.

Patients with an aching tooth are taken care of urgently, which might affect changes in the appointment schedule. We therefore kindly ask for Your understanding when Your appointment has been rescheduled or postponed.

Nowadays, dentist visit is a pleasant experience. Our professional doctors will find the best solution for your teeth. Register for an appointment in Dentista, the most professional dental care clinic in Haapsalu and be part of the experience offered by our dentists, assistants, dental technicians and administrations. We know how to make you smile again!

Dentista offers professional dental care services in Haapsalu already for 20 years!