Here are few examples of the services and prices offered in Dentista Dental Care Clinic. The full price list is available at the clinic.

Service Price
Digital Panoramic dental X-ray 12 EUR
Small digital dental X-ray EUR
Injection of local anesthetic EUR
Ablation of dental calculus on one tooth EUR
Denture cleaning, pearl purification 20 EUR



Temporary filling 10 EUR
Light-curing composite filling 30-60 EUR
Light-curing glass ionomer filling 30 EUR
Removal of old amalgam filling 6-15 EUR
Root treatment with microscope 10 min 20 EUR



Opening of root canal 19-37 EUR
Widening of root canal and placing medicine 22-26 EUR
Medicine replacement in root canals 28 EUR
Filling root canals 32 EUR
Removal of old root canal filling 15-32 EUR



Tooth extraction 22-42 EUR
Extraction of deeply fractured tooth 55 EUR
Extraction of wisdom tooth 45-80 EUR