Here are some examples of prices of the services offered by Dentista Dental Clinic. The complete price list is available here.

Payments for treatment invoices are to be made on-site, in cash or by card. Bank transfers are not accepted.

Service Price
Consultation, general check-up 18 EUR
Panoramic dental x-ray 14 EUR
Small intraoral x-ray 12 EUR
Injection anaesthesia/anaesthesia 10 EUR
Removal of tartar with ultrasound, price per teeth EUR
Prosthetic cleaning, deep cleaning 20 EUR



Temporary filling 10 EUR
Light-curing filling 35-65 EUR
Light-curing glass ionomer filling 35 EUR
Biodentine filling 30 EUR
Removal of an old filling 15 EUR



Root canal treatment 25-40 EUR
Root canal treatment with medication 25-48 EUR
Replacement of root canal medication 38-48 EUR
Root canal filling 48 EUR
Root canal treatment with microscope, 10 min 20 EUR



Tooth extraction 30-60 EUR
Deeply fractured tooth extraction 67 EUR

Wisdom tooth extraction

85 EUR

Wound rinse and examination 8 EUR



Consultation for insertion of implants 20 EUR
Implant surgery 700 EUR
Standard service (operation + e-max dental crown) 1200 EUR

Dental crown e-max

500-600 EUR