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 Xray requires doctors referral!

Initial dentist consultation consists of a thorough check-up of teeth, where the gums as well as jawbone are examined. Based on the current situation of your oral hygiene and teeth, the dentist determines a short- or a long-term treatment plan. The dentist will also answer to the questions that may have emerged throughout the consultation. Suggestions about oral hygiene are given in the absence of a direct dental treatment. Children are also very welcome to the initial dentist consultation.

Service Price
Initial dentist consultation and check-up 26.00€
Local anesthesia 16.00€
Small digital dental X-ray 19.00€
Digital panoramic dental X-ray 25.00€
Ablation of dental calculus on one tooth 6.00€

Dentista Hambaravikliinik

The most common treatment for tooth cavity is dental filling. Our services include cavity treatment with various dental fillings, including composite as well as glass inomer fillings. During a tooth cavity treatment, the old filling or the soft tooth texture already damaged by caries will be drilled out.

Service Price
Temporary dental filling 15.00€
Small light-curing dental filling 58.00€
Medium light-curing dental filling 71.00€
Large light-curing dental filling 79.00€
Glass ionomer filling 45.00€
Biodentine treatment filling 38.00€
Composite laminate veneers made at the dentist’s office 115.00€

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The purpose of root canal treatment is to clean and expand the root canals of the teeth. Similar treatment is necessary for a tooth with irreversibly damaged nerves/blood vessels. Back in the days, the only possible treatment was the extraction of tooth. Nowadays, right dental care enables to remain the infected tooth with the right treatment.

Service Price
Opening, widening and treatment of one root canal 70.00€
Medicine replacement in root canals (price from) 55.00€
One root canal filling 69.00€
Filling of every following root canal 36.00€
Root canal microscopy 10 min. 36.00€

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There are several reasons for extraction of teeth, starting from surgical to orthodontic. During the treatment, a tooth is extracted from a jawbone. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia and causes no pain for the patient. Before the extraction, the patient is obligated to notify the doctor about any concomitant diseases or used medications.

Service Price
Injection of local anesthetic 16.00€
Extraction of one tooth (price from) 53.00€
Extraction of multi-rooted tooth 81.00€
Extraction of deeply fractured tooth 104.00€
Extraction of wisdom tooth 115.00€

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There are many opportunities for replacing a missing tooth. According to patient’s oral health situation, it is possible to produce removable or fixed dental prosthesis. The preparation of prosthesis is a very long process that can only succeed thanks to the collaboration of the patient, dentist and dental technician. The active participation and comments of the patient ensure the right fit of the prosthesis. Our dental laboratory also offers the service of intense prosthesis cleaning.

Service Price
Alginate impression 22.00€
Bilayer silicon impression 45.00€
Temporary plastic crown made in dentist’s office 46.00€
Cementation of crowns with composite filling 44.00€
Metal ceramic crown 330.00€
All-ceramic porcelain crown 385.00€
Single complete denture 440.00€
Two complete dentures 820.00€
Denture cleaning, pearl wash (price from) 35.00€

Dentista Hambaravikliinik

Service Price
Prophylactic dentist visit, oral hygiene advice 33.00€
Teeth cleaning with Air-flow soda wash, one tooth 54.00€
Teeth cleaning with Air-flow soda wash, full mouth 80.00€
Denture cleaning, pearl purification (price from) 35.00€

Dentista Hambaravikliinik

Perfect gift for your loved ones

Service Price
Gift Card 50 50.00€
Gift Card 100 100.00€
Gift Card 200 200.00€


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