Our team

Our professional, experienced and caring doctors will find the best solution for you. Make your booking with us and benefit from the quality of care provided by our dedicated dentists, assistants, technicians and administrators.

Dr. Annika Toimla | Dentist Dr. Annika Toimla Dentist
Dr. Klaarika Hõimra | Dentist Dr. Klaarika Hõimra Dentist
Dr. Jaroslav Skrut | Surgeon Dr. Jaroslav Skrut Surgeon
Siim Pikkaro | Dental trainee Siim Pikkaro Dental trainee
Dr. Margit Kuslap (lapsehoolduspuhkusel) | Dentist Dr. Margit Kuslap (lapsehoolduspuhkusel) Dentist
Julia Liivlaid | Assistant Julia Liivlaid Assistant
Anna Bulokhova | Assistant Anna Bulokhova Assistant
Kädi Jõgi | Assistant / Administrator Kädi Jõgi Assistant / Administrator
Merje Õunapuu | Merje Õunapuu
Maarja Tšebõkin (lapsehoolduspuhkusel) | Assistant / Administrator Maarja Tšebõkin (lapsehoolduspuhkusel) Assistant / Administrator
Külly Killemet | Dental technician Külly Killemet Dental technician
Elo Sinkevicius | Administrator Elo Sinkevicius Administrator
Sirje Tuisk | Manager Sirje Tuisk Manager